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sumo suits rentalinflatables hire Sumo events are the latest craze in the UK. Great fun outdoors, for birthdays weddings bbq's or event corporate team building. Becoming a Sumo takes years of training and leading a highly regimented way of life.... By hiring our Sumo kit's you get to experience all the fun and excitment straight away!

With Prices starting at £70.00 Delivered... you can't go wrong!!

Children (7-12yrs) Sumo party packages...... from £70.00 Delivered*
Adult Sumo party packages............................. from £99.99 Delivered*
Family Sumo Party Adults + Kids................. from £125.00 Delivered*
*within Edinburgh City Center - Call for quotes outwith this area

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So what's Sumo (相撲, sumō?), well it's a competitive contact sport where two wrestlers (rikishi) enter a circular ring (dohyō). to win the wrestlers must use there strength and weight to push their opponents out of the ring or to make them touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet. The sports origins are based in Japan. Which infact is the only country where it is practiced as a professional sport.

With one of our packages you can spend the day with your friends or work collegues, experiencing the fun side of Sumo, become that champion wrestler you have always wanted to be and show that your the king of the ring!

Our party packages include the following

full package rental

We provide our Sumo rental services to the whole of Scotland and England. With our main facilities based in The centre of Edinburgh.

We are able to have our sumo kits deleivered straight to your home or venue. Please contact us today!

All our equipment is commercial grade! And as a professional company we have Public Liability insurance of £5,000,000.

sumo suits hire van get you gear delivered to your door

Stag & Hen Nights Rental Better sumo party without alcohol

Remember, wrestlers live by a strict code of conduct. We advise all customers to avoid alcohol consumption before wrestling. This way you can fully enjoy the experience without the risk of any drunken accidents.

Kids Parties

Anyone with kids know that a kids party can be very stressful and exhausting. When you rent sumo suits for a childrens party, you can ensure that they not only have the best party ever but that they will also tire them selfs out rather than tire you out! We have sumo suits for 7-13 year olds. Remember the kids don't have to have all the fun save some money with our family sumo package and then the adults can have fun after the kids are finished.

SUMO HIRE - Fun Facts

The origins of sumo date back 2000 years.

Wrestlers (rikishi) spend most of their time performing pre-bout ceremonies steeped in Shinto tradition.

Shinto word itself means "way of the gods."

Sumo was originally performed to entertain the gods (kami) during festivals (matsuri).

How to wrestle

Before the individual wrestler (rikishi) enter the ring, they must be introduced to the excited spectators. Once done they face each other in the ring. each wrestler claps their hands once, and finally raise both hands in unison. (This old Japanese tradition goes back to the samurai days and represents the rikishi showing each other that none is armed.)

Once the actual fight begin, the two wrestlers (rikishi) spend time before their match lifting their legs high in the air and stomping them down, a practice said to scare away any demons. After scaring off any demons they also throw several handfuls of salt into the ring, which is said to purify the ring. Many wrestlers will also sprinkle salt around their bodies as a means of protecting them from injury.

rules to sumo suits wrestlingDuring the actual event, a rikishi wrestler may use any technique or maneuver type except the following;

Pulling their opponent's hair,
Hitting their opponent with a closed fist
Boxing their opponent's ears
choking their opponent
Grabbing his opponent in the crotch area.

Wrestlers (Rikishi) use all sorts of techniques during the fight; however, a rikishi's tactical style can usually be classified as one of two styles:

oshi-zumo : A tendency to push your opponent out of the ring

yotsu-zumo : A tendency to grab your opponent's belt and force him out of the ring. The truly best rikishi are adept at using both styles to beat their opponents.

Team building out of your suits

Team building Parties are great for corporate events, traditionally wrestlers would be split up into groups of a minimum of 3 rikishi these groups are known as stables, or sumo-beyas. Of course Rikishi who belong to the same group do not fight each other at major tournaments.

Party idea's

We understand the main limitations of sumo parties is the fact that only two wrestlers can fight at one time on a ring. because of this we have a range of other party idea's to insure that nobody is left feeling bored or left out. From our range of massive screens, allowing you to play your favorite games console games in live size, to disco's and Karaoke's. We have something to keep everyone entertained

large screen rental available in edinburgh Disco located in edinburgh Karaoke rental located in edinburgh
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